Chocolate Love Sweet Tree

Heart shape covered with Maltesers and Galaxy Bites. Planted with a selection of chocolates and fudge.

Any colour of ribbon available.

Makes a great gift, or centrepiece at weddings and engagement parties.

Gift sweet trees are wrapped in cellophane.

Sweet trees will keep for around 4-6 months if kept wrapped in a cool place. Marshmallows have a shorter shelf life, and are best eaten within a month.

* When sweet trees are in a pot, the sweets they are planted in only cover the top of the pot and do not fill the pot.

Sizes & Prices

Small - £13 - order code CHLTSM
Medium - £16 - order code CHLTMED
Large - £19 - order code CHLTL
Silver pot - £15 - order code CHLTSIL
Terracotta or coloured pot - £15 - order code CHLTT

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