Chocolate Drizzled Marshmallow Sweet Tree

Mini and small trees have mini marshmallows on top, larger sizes have regular size marshmallows on top. Drizzled with milk, dark, or white chocolate.

Available in heart shape or sphere.

Planted with a selection of pink and white sweets. Can also be planted with chocolates.

Gift sweet trees are wrapped in cellophane.

Sweet trees will keep for around 4-6 months if kept wrapped in a cool place. Marshmallows have a shorter shelf life, and are best eaten within a month.

* When sweet trees are in a pot, the sweets they are planted in only cover the top of the pot and do not fill the pot.

Sizes & Prices

Mini glass vase - £10 - order code MMCHDMIN
Small glass vase - £13 - order code MMCHDSM
Medium glass vase - £16 - order code MMCHDMED
Large glass vase - £19 - order code MMCHDL
Silver pot - £15 - order code MMCHDSIL
Terracotta or coloured pot - £15 - order code MMCHDT

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