Chocolate Orange Sweet Tree

Please note that this tree will look different from that shown due to Aero Orange Bubbles changing from chocolate to two-tone chocolate and orange.

Aero Orange Bubbles on top. Planted with Aero Orange Bubble and Terry's Chocolate Orange.

Gift sweet trees are wrapped in cellophane.

Sweet trees will keep for around 4-6 months if kept wrapped in a cool place.

* When sweet trees are in a pot, the sweets they are planted in only cover the top of the pot and do not fill the pot.

Sizes & Prices

Mini glass vase - £10 - order code CHOCORMIN
Small glass vase - £13 - order code CHOCORS
Medium glass vase - £16 - order code CHOCORMED
Large glass vase - £19 - order code CHOCORL

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